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XEDION AG optimization solutions

Goals and driving forces

Anticipating needs, accuracy, and innovative concepts are the cornerstones of success.

We deliver intelligent and customized solutions in order for your company to become even more successful.




We offer a variety of products; each individually tailored to suite your needs, coupled with an integrated software solution. Our client-based solutions can easily be integrated into your Systems and Processes – try it for yourself!





Attentive customer service and client satisfaction are our top priorities.

Our main objective is to find the best concept and fitting solution for our clients. Our representatives will provide the most personalized and optimal solutions based on your needs and requirements.



We offer a wide variety of RFID possibilities in order for your processes to be perfectly controlled and optimized. At XEDION AG we provide a wide range of products, components and accessories. In addition to the standard systems our team can also provide individual solutions along with the appropriate client directed software for your business. Xedion stands for the most up-to-date RFID technology and we guarantee the highest level of client satisfaction.








Xedion Solution Benefits:

  • Fast and smooth system integration
  • Individual solutions
  • Time saving
  • Lower personnel costs
  • Documentation and re-order in Real time
  • Simplified logistic processes

Kanban Post Box

The Intelligent RFID Post Box collects your Kanban-Cards and instantly sends the information to your Data Central.

Surprisingly user friendly due to its easy installation - simply mount the Post Box and plug into a power outlet.



With the Intelligent RFID Box you can collect any empty containers and automatically order new parts through your system. The Box is surprisingly easy to install. Simply place the box wherever you require and plug into an electrical outlet.


RFID Shelf System

The intelligent RFID Shelf System gathers your empty containers and sends the compact information directly to your server. The RFID Shelf System is extremely easy to install. Simply place it wherever you require and plug into an electrical outlet.




We provide RFID Systems of high quality and progressive hardware. Our products cover all of your RFID needs at a competitive price.

Contact us today and let us find the best solution for you.



Xedion AG has specially developed software that is constantly being refined for better results and customer satisfaction.




We offer you the opportunity to put our systems to use in order to develop your business goals, while simultaneously developing innovative solutions and technical improvements.






Xedion AG offers two financing options:


  • Buying: one-time cost for hardware, monthly licensing fees for software
  • Renting: monthly renting fees for hardware and software with an average duration period of 36 Months.

Our team offers assistance in selecting the best financing option for your needs.


Our intention is to optimize your logistical processes, resulting in the overall improvement of business performance.


In doing so we lower your costs as well as your time and effort for accurate, smoothly processes.



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